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Monday, July 25, 2005

Automatic Mailing List Subscription Online

Finally, we have a form using which you can add yourself to the AIS mailing list. Use the panel on the right, or just go to the AIS site subscription page.

One problem we at AIS always face is a way to communicate to the junta here. Well, we do post our emails on the 2k* yahoogroups, post flyers, ask OIS to put stuff on the International Update etc., but somehow nothing beats the information landing straight into your inbox.

Now, note that this is not like a yahoogroup, where all can post - this is an announcement-only list! So you can subscribe with the safety of not being spammed by 10 messages a day. We promise to send relevent information only.

One main reason you should join this is because then you will not miss out on the fun events we organize [for example, the hike last saturday, or desi movies etc.] on a regular basis :-).

We also intend to include info about events happenning in the area that may be of interest to desis [the upcoming Junoon Concert in LA, for example].

So join in, and tell your friends.



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