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Monday, July 09, 2007

Temp Acco Crisis: 104 Requests, 8 Volunteers

Association of Indian Students


Hello everyone,

We hope you have all been having a great summer and are geared up for the Fall semester! We look forward to a great year ahead packed with lots more Indian coming in and our events, in which your involvement has been greatly appreciated.

We have another opportunity for you to show us your involvement and your ability to help. As you know, the AIS provides new incoming students with temporary accommodation, which you might have availed upon your arrival here. This is a completely voluntary and generous gesture on the part of some of the Indians already established here at USC. This year we have a whopping 104 confirmed requests for temporary accommodation but unfortunately only 8 people have volunteered!

This is a sincere call for help on our part as we endeavor to make sure that our fellow Indians have a smooth transition coming to LA from their homes. We require you to volunteer to host some of them (mostly one person at a time) at your homes. Generally we offer the newcomers a stay for a maximum of 1 week, but we are naturally open to your convenience, and would provide them accommodation accordingly. This is especially required between July 20th - August 15th as the maximum volume of people are coming in then. Even if you can put someone up for a night or two upon their arrival, it would be highly appreciated.

Please consider this situation carefully and DO get back to us. Remember, that there will be many Indians coming in, most of whom currently do not have an assured place to stay, let alone knowing head or tail about registration procedures. So let us be proactive, let us take an initiative and make our Indian community more closely knit and caring for the incoming students.

Mail us ASAP about your involvement and let us know for how long you can offer your help.

Thank You once again,


Association of Indian Students
Norman Topping Student Center
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0981

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