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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Association of Indian Students - Welcome Social Final Reminder

Welcome Social Celebration
Hello Friends,
Its the 4th week of school, hope all of you have settled with all your courses. Most of them would have started getting assignments and projects too. Its time for a short break - time to meet fellow trojans, time to network, sometime to have some great Indian food :-)
Yes you getting it right, we are having a Welcome Social for all the new graduate students at USC this Fall. 
You are a USC graduate student and that makes you special. We hope to see you.
The details of the event are here.

Date:    09/18/08 (September 18, 2008)
Time:    6:30 PM onwards
Venue:  Ground Zero Coffee House (we have marked Ground Zero in the attached map)
 Have fun with the following and a few goodies for some too ;)
  • Performance by great artists
  • Interesting games ... chance to win some cool prizes :)
  • Dance floor all yours with great Music ON !!!
  • Last and the most important - delicious INDIAN Food !!
Besides above its also a chance to meet more of your seniors and mingle with your peers. Time for networking and having fun. All this with by just attending one event ... sounds great, doesn't it?

Let's get to one more interesting part of it ...

Event Dress Code:
New students come in black. (again anything thats comfortable ....  may be a black tee or a black jacket or may be a black cap)
Senior students have no Dress code

The event is only for AIS members i.e. members who have paid the membership fees! (Please note that the membership fees is annually so last year members, who have not paid the membership fee for year 2008-2009 will have to pay the fees to become AIS member for this year). There will be on the spot membership registration at the event where you can become AIS member on the spot by paying the membership fees. Please note that the membership fees is $10 for the year 2008-2009. This membership allows you to participate and enjoy our other events this year which includes Diwali, Garba, Ice cream social etc. which will be for AIS members only. The entrance fees for Non members for this event is $10 (for this event only!). 


We will wait for all the students to be there, 
Old students to welcome New students, and new students to have a great time and enjoy the event. So be sure to come to this event  and make it a big success. Cheers!!!!!!


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