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Saturday, October 08, 2005

AIS : Sandesh 10/08/05 - International Film Week Coming Up

Hi all,
Hope you all are doing well in the midterm season. The AIS wishes all of you the very best of luck, especially to the freshers for whom it is the first USC midterm.

In this issue:
1. Thanks for Garba - We loved organizing it for you!
2. Performers needed for the Nov. 13 Diwali Show
3. Answer to last Sandesh's question and this issue's question

In other news:
1. HSO Diwali Fundraiser Dinner
2. International Film Week - Paheli and more

1. Thanks for Garba - We loved organizing it for you!
The October 1st Garba was fun. We hope you enjoyed attending it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Please let us know your feelings are so that we can make our next event better.

Also, please send us garba snaps that you think will look nice on our website. Please compress them into a zip file and use to send it to us.

2. Performers needed for the Nov. 13 Diwali Show
The Diwali show is in Bovard on November 13. We are looking for performers for Dances [one co-ed, one all male, one all female], skit, musical events and fashion show. Send us an email at if you are interested. Do not be scared of these midterms.. that is why we are starting practices early :-).

3. Answer to last Sandesh's question and this issue's question
The answer to last week's question is "George Fernandes". Congrats to Anupam Jain for Cracking it.
This week's question is:
"Which Muslim community in India receives it's name from the practice of their Arab forefathers to marry local women and settle down in India?"
As always, the first person to send an email to with the answer gets bragging rights :-).

In other news:
1. HSO Indian Dinner
This is what we got from our friends at the HSO. They assure us that the food is going to be awesome.

"Dinner Night sponsored by HSO is on this coming Monday, October 10th at 7 PM in Tommy's Basement (Topping Student Center)! The cost is $7 and totally worth it for ANYONE who loves Indian food!! Please come and bring all your friends!!"

2. International Film Week - Paheli and more
This is FYI. Paheli is the Indian movie of choice. Be there to enjoy a wide variety of movies.

"The International Students' Assembly is sponsoring International Film Week (October 10-14)

International Film week
basement of Leavey library
Oct 10th -14th
6:30 to 11:30p.m
Free of Charge

Sponsored by: International Students' Assembly

The International Student Assembly will be showing eight free screenings,
movies from different parts of the world, in the basement of Leavey
library next week starting Monday (Oct 10th). There will be two movies
playing per night and everyone is welcome. There will be a reception on
Monday outside Leavey library, at 5p.m. Come and join us and learn more
about different cultures, and remember the event is free and there will
be free food !!
Monday, October 10th
Lumumba - African 6-8pm
West Beirut - Lebanese 8-10pm

Tuesday , Oct 11th
Kung Fu Hustle - Chinese 6-8pm
The Sea Inside - Latino 8-10

Wednesday, Oct 12th
Turtles Can Fly - Iranian 6-8pm
A Very Long Engagement: Un long dimanche de fiancailles - French 8-10pm

Friday, Oct 14th
Paheli - Indian 6-8pm
Overture - Thai 8-10pm"

That's it for now folks, keep those feedback and Diwali participation emails coming!
Very truly yours,
USC Association of Indian Students

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  • HI,

    I would really like to know if AIS knows of events held on or within a few days of diwali where its celebrated like a diwali mela
    ala indian style
    lemme know
    i ll check the comments on this blog for your response
    thank yo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 PM  

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