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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Khel Shuru

Its a desi film not specific to any country or culture but with desia actors
portraying themselves
as universal people with human feelings

Eating restaurant food cooked in the same oil preserved for months in an
unwashed "Kadai", can be an addiction.
It goes well with your tongue but not with your digestive system.
Hostelites/students away from home/many bachelors/very-busy-working-couples
can perhaps identify.

And then you long for fresh mother-cooked food that has no adulteration and
tastes right in every sense.

Yash Raj banner films of recent years fall in the category of that
decomposing oil. Tastes well because of the glitter but has no substance...
absolutely no substance....

So if you incessantly enjoy restaurant food and do not really long for some
simple fresh homemade recipes, If you think Devdas really deserved an
Oscar, if you think recent Shahrukh Khan movies other than Paheli are
outstanding or Paheli was a slow boring movie or you are a die hard fan of
Sohail Khan/Tusshar Kapoor/Dino Morea/Arjun Rampal/John Abraham as actors,
don't bother reading further.


Please accept our invitation to the movie screening of "Khel Shuru" on July
16th Sunday at

IMC6 theatres, 1433 Alameda, San Jose 4:15 pm, 6:15 pm $8
Naz8 Cinemas , 6440E South St, Lakewood CA, 12:45 pm $6

Students and bachelors <= 28 with a bunch of friends hanging off their
straight away get a 50% discount.

- New York International Film and Video Festival
- Thunderbird International Film and Video Festival
- Actors and crew were interviewed by BBC in London on July 10th and
- First official press screening happened on July 6th in NYC attended
by Indian Express, India Abroad, News India Times, Desiclub.Com, RBC
- New Wave cult film and extremely fresh outlook about relationships
between friends out of college. page 22 Cinema section

to mention a few links.

Current event is presented in LA and San Jose by Marathi Mandal Associations
and SAAFA and supported by local universities and Indian Student
Associations in the area.

Please grace the occasion with your presence.
Khel Shuru team


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