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Friday, April 07, 2006

AIS Sandesh : Dinner night for Members + HOLI at beach + Soccer game


fn:Association of Indian Students
org:Association of Indian Students;
adr:;;TSC, University of Southern California;Los Angeles;CA;90089-0981;USA

Hi all,

Just a heads up for our events ahead.

1) AIS is having a Unlimited Dinner Night

Where : Alumni Park (opposite Tommy Trojan)
When : April 9,Sunday @ 7pm - 8pm

We will have nice desi food !!
Eat on till you feel satisfied.

Please bring your ids with AIS Stickers or get AIS Receipt.

WE will accept Memberships at that time for $5.
So you have an opportuinity to become AIS members then for the semester till JULY.

Hope to see you all Members there
2) Soccer players needed for ISA World Cup to represent AIS

When : Tomorrow,Saturday 8th April @10:30am
Where: Cromwell Field.

Please go to for more information about the event.
We are going as a tie up with LSA (Latino Student Association)

We have 2 games - 11am and 4pm , 35 minutes each game.
Interested folks Please email us at
Even girls can play. Infact we need to have few girls in the team.
3) AIS - HSO Holi Festival Celebration

When : April 16th,Sunday @ 9:30am
Where: USC- Huntington Beach-USC

We go to Huntington via buses arranged by us. Play HOLI with colors (not Gulaal) after introduction, with new TSHIRTS being provided to you,then play some games or get into the clean beach water.
Have delicious Desi food, Come back.
We will have Desis from UCIRvine,UCLA,maybe UCRiverside coming as well.
Please RSVP to to reserve your seat in buses and to give us an idea for making arrangements.

Question of the Week :

Q. Name any 3 Student organizations on USC Campus other than AIS - (Hint : Something on this page can give you the names) NO ABBREVIATIONS PLEASE
Email the answers to

Answer to Last time's Question : Ram of is 32 GB.
The winner of last time's question who answered real quick was : MAUNIC DHARIA.
Good Job Maunic ! Congratulations !
We have a new version of our website up at
Its not 100 % functional yet. But our officer is working hard at it.
Please let us know your comments,suggestions on it at

That's it Folks,
-AIS Board
Association of Indian Students
Norman Topping Student Center
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0981

email: url:


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