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Friday, March 31, 2006

AIS Newsletter Sandesh - 31st March - Vidushak show,Food for AIS Members,HOLI

Hello folks,
   Welcome to another edition of AIS Newsletter, Sandesh.
   Hope everyone is doing good after midterms and Spring Break.
   We have few events for you in this information bulletin.
  • Vidushak,Indian Improv at USC Show Tomorrow !!!
Put in the 207th bone in your body ... Funny bone, you pervs.

Vidushaks are back on popular demand, this time in your very own Desi version.
After a kick-ass, rock star, unforgettable pilot performance, we are back to put those laughter pangs in your tummy.

Come one. Come all. This second performance won't come twice!!
What: Vidushak's First "Desi" Show!
 "We are Indian, and we are fun!"

Hosted By: Vidushak, Indian Improv at USC!
For more information :

Facebook party:

When   : Saturday, April 1, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Where : Follow the sounds of laughters (for early birds: TSC Basement -Tommy's Place)

Entry allowed only to those without rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Thanks to: Association of Indian Students for the reservation :-)
  • Unlimited Dinner for AIS Members exclusively  
When : Sunday,9th April @ 6pm
Where:  TBD, will let you guys know for sure !
Its a get together where we will have nice,delicious Desi food for Dinner.
We will try and keep it at a location close to Leavy Library ;)
Please have the stickers on your USC Card or have the AIS membership receipt with you.
  • Music of the World
When : April 10th,2006 @ 7pm
Where: Bovard Auditorium (Best in California)
EGSA - GPSS is sponsoring and managing this Event in tandem with multiple organizations on campus including AIS. 
We will have musicians from different countries to perform on the stage for us and provide us with
Music of the World !!! Don't miss out on this !
  • AIS - HSO HOLI Celebration
When : April 16th ,2006 @ 9:30am
Where: Huntington Beach ( we will leave from USC by Buses arranged by us)
Lets' celebrate HOLI with style. Throw colors on each other on a beach,have fun and food !
We will also have desis coming in from UCIrvine,UCLA and maybe UCRiverside.
We will have introduction,then we will provide you with Tshirts so that your shirts don't become non-reusable :)
Finally we play with colors and then in Beach water/on Beach. Have delicious Desi food and come back (maybe playing Antakshari) in Bus.
Its a good opportunity for grad students to interact with undergraduates and also people from other schools. Networking helps :) 
Please RSVP to as soon as possible to reserve your seat,we have limited seats on buses !
  • Just to remind you all - TAX Filing last date is April 15th
You can get the forms (to mail) from OIS office (STU 300) or fill the forms online.You can also start filling the forms online and
then copy it over to Paper forms and send them.
That's it folks,
Our AIS Website is being updated and we will have a new look website with lot of information,resources and forums coming up next week.
Please keep checking !
For any suggestions,doubts,help please email us at We would be happy to cater to your needs.
AIS Board



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