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Saturday, August 19, 2006

AIS: Membership benefits [20th is the last day for the Manas coupon], board membership, and more

Dear fellow Indian Students [seniors as well as freshers],
We have had a great response to our events so far, with ~200 of you joining as members so far. Despite the short notice, we had some enthusiastic volunteers for the open board meeting, and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the I-Day celebrations at SGM 101@10am and in our future events also.

We have been receiving many similar queries of late and we thought the best way would be to answer them in one email, so here goes:

Memberships: You can join as a member at any of our events, the next one being the I-Day celebrations at SGM 101 at 10am on Sunday, the 20th of Aug.

Membership Fee: The fee for 2006-2007 is $10

Membership Benefits: We believe that the AIS members should get their money's worth, and more, for showing their solidarity with us. Membership benefits for 2006-07 include -

  • Free dinner at Garba and Diwali [means filling desi food, of $8 value at each event]
  • 25% discount coupon for a meal at Manas Restaurant [Available only for those who become members up to 20th August! ]
  • $5 discount for the Annu Kapoor Antakshari show on 26th Aug at Bovard [brought to you by CNY desis]
  • Free entry in the world cup cricket match screenings early next year
  • Chance to win a ticket for the Annu Kapoor show
  • Discounts for shows by Strings later in the semester, again by CNY desis [and they are talking about junoon too :-)]
  • ... and not to forget, that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart that you get by being a part of your friendly neighborhood Indian Students' Club :-)
Helping Out, and Board Memberships: Sorry for missing some of you at the board meeting on Thursday. We will be having another open board meeting, the information about which will be emailed at least 48 hours in advance. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

That's all for now, feel free to send your comments and suggestions to

best wishes,
AIS Board

Association of Indian Students
Norman Topping Student Center
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0981

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